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  • Shelwien's Avatar
    2nd August 2019, 20:54
    I'd say its pretty good. Large share of IT jobs are in outsourcing, so I don't think there're any differences with US. Salaries can be 2x-3x lower though, but rent is also much cheaper.
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  • chunick's Avatar
    1st August 2019, 17:43
    What's the tech market like on the other side of the Globe? North America (where I am) Vs. Eastern Europe etc. opportunities for jobs, work, innovation ? Just curious what the atmosphere of the workplace is and are there lots of room for tech professionals. Thanks in advance! Chris Chunick
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  • Shelwien's Avatar
    19th July 2019, 17:03
    > but the link is blocked But I don't think it'd help > content is now all pictures instead of text. so still not editable. You can use OCR software on that, like finereader.
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  • SvenBent's Avatar
    19th July 2019, 16:55
    Thank you for the suggestion. I did give a pdf file that word could open and convert to a .docx file. but the content is now all pictures instead of text. so still not editable., not sure if that is an issue though.
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  • Shelwien's Avatar
    19th July 2019, 16:44
    Maybe you can print it to PDF from acrobat?
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  • SvenBent's Avatar
    19th July 2019, 16:37
    I have a pdf file that appears fine within acrobat reader However opening in word or converting to a .docx format with acrobat reader, the layout changes dramatically. i tried downloading Mikho's fileoptimizer to see if the re compression would fix bad lz structure (not sure if its lz error) but the link is blocked anyone that can provide manual command for ghostscript ? Any other downloadable /offline/ preferably open source tools to fix it origina pre-pdf source is not avaiable TY
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  • Shelwien's Avatar
    19th July 2019, 15:30
    Ok, let's move to, I'm disabling new posts here. Porting database is pretty time-consuming so I can't do it for each new post.
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  • Darek's Avatar
    19th July 2019, 14:59
    Darek replied to a thread lstm-compress in Data Compression
    I've found something strange with L.PAK compression with your settings on lstm-compress v3a. 7764079 bytes -> 7938515 bytes in 145556.20 s. Don't look on the time passed due to fact that I run 5 instances of NNCP and lstm-compress as 6'th. Other scores are similar to your v3a (alfa) but this look as an error. For this file I've used standard -c option. I've try to compress it again to check if it's not something random.
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  • rhysling's Avatar
    19th July 2019, 13:36
    Nevermind what I wrote, your code is actually correct. The only problem was len/dist split in some cases. It looks like it depends on the last bits of the mask. If the mask ends with "11" the split is 5/11, if it ends with "00" the split is 2/14. I got the correct output for sample1 using that. There might be other variations, but I think I can figure that out as I see more data. At least I have the correct core concept/code now. Thank you very much for your help Shelwien. I hope I can bother you again if I have any more problems :D Edit : Tested with multiple data and it works like a charm. Last 2 bits of the mask is indeed what determines the length bits. It is 2 (min value) + last 2 bits of the mask. So the split looks like this depending on last bits "00" = 2 / 14 "01" = 3 / 13 "10" = 4 / 12 "11" = 5 / 11
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