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Thread: Feedback on Data Compression Conference

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    Feedback on Data Compression Conference

    Each and every year, IEEE and University of Arizona organize
    a Data Compression Conference, in a place nearby Salt Lake City :

    Next event will happen this coming April 4th-7th.

    It's neither cheap nor short, but since I now live in USA, it becomes a real possibility to consider.

    So, I was wondering if anyone has already participated to this conference,
    and if yes, what do they think about it ?
    What are the "good parts" they expect ?
    Ultimately, is it worth its time and travel ?

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    I was at DCC 2004 and it was a very good experience for me. This is the biggest event in the world where you can meet people related to data compression. In your spare time you can go skiing This is a high-level scientific conference so most work is purely theoretical and it's hard to find someone who deals with the practical/optimized implementation of algorithms. Majority of sessions is related to lossy video and image compression. IMHO you have to be there at least once in a lifetime.

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